Derek and Chris this time talk about:

But not in that order! Derek also puts together a playlist of songs to describe the plot of one of the films but can you guess the film before the end of the playlist?

Discussion of the films Free Fire, Moonlight, Fences and Hidden Figures. But not in that order. Chris gets a bit fired up and Derek is moved by moonlight.

Iconochromatic looks into romantic films for Valentine’s day and throws in a surprise twist at the end.

Guest starring Cameron Philips of The Conquistabores

Derek and Chris look at Split, Gold and Trainspotting 1&2. That’s it really. Nothing more nothing less.

A podcast where Mike Larkin and I discuss: Wes Craven, Michael Bay, discrimination, B Movies, oh and Office Space.

Office Space

Stuck in love, a film about 3 people who are stuck in love. Hey! I just got that!

Stuck In Love

This weeks podcast is sponsored by Frank Sinatra, he shall fly Sam to the moon and let him play among the stars, well, not really.


Some say ’nuff said, others say enough said, in this film however neither are said… but don’t let that put you off! It’s a nice romantic film

Enough Said

Before Jigsaw asked you if you wanted to play a game Clue did it first. Well not so much asked you, more forced you into it. So to make a long story short… too late…


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